Artwork for See You in the Next Life | The Last Skeptik

Artwork for See You in the Next Life | The Last Skeptik

A profound, yet powerful title for The Last Skeptik’s debut album.

We wrote about the rapper last month, covering the release of one of the album’s single’s, “House Party Massacre” – shot by GAO’s Cesar Tresca.

The North London musician has since followed this up with a full-blown, 14-track body of work, which embodies ambient, softly-percussed Hip-Hop vibes; with somewhat House-y undertones. TLS never fails to deliver an obscure, introspective message in his music.

With intense delivery and flow, the listener is taken on a journey of heartfelt and honest story-telling; a rapper very confident in his ability, yet apologetic in his content.

A rhythmic oxymoron; expect nothing less from The Last Skeptik.

Stand out tracks?

Don’t You


Bone Marrow

See You in the Next Life

But tbh, the majority of the songs on this project are literally bangers…

The Last Skeptik has definitely demonstrated his years of experience through this album; and as quoted before, the rapper may be relatively understated – but his sound is undeniable.

See You in the Next Life is out now for digital stream & purchase.