“Understand the power of words” – Saoud Khalaf, via Them Ones

For the debut episode of our brand-new discussion series “Them Ones”, we were joined by Saoud Khalaf – a filmmaker from London who shoots music videos and documentaries. We discussed issues regarding racism, protests, UK politics, and the upward trend of aesthetic gestures – i.e. such as clapping for the NHS.

He is also the manager of UK hip-hop rapper, Lowkey, and recently released a short film that followed the rapper on tour showcasing his special bond with his fans. He also manages the media for grime artist Ghetts and has done several of his music videos over the last 9 years.

In 2018, Saoud filmed the journey of SoundSkool, a music college in London. Halfway through filming the documentary, the management received news of a merger meaning they would have to cut the number of students enrolled. It’s an emotional watch and brought to light the real-life impact that political decisions can have on people’s lives.

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