“MOSHPIT” – the latest single by Mellow North

One of our favourite genres to look out for, here at GAO, is British hip-hop – particularly that of an alternative variety.

Introducing, ‘Mellow North‘ …

A young collective based in North West London, Mellow North prides itself as an up and coming powerhouse of producers, vocalists, rappers and artists; living under the umbrella of Ashtray records – a student run label (a very understated business move, but that is another conversation for another post).

Mellow North shooting a visual

Nonetheless … production; recording; branding & creative direction – welcome to Ashtray Records! Inspired by other in-house record labels, such as Warhols “Silver Factory”; Mellow North invites listeners into their circle of late-teen trials and tribulations, forming a collage of London-based adolescence, stupidity and friendship.

MOSHPIT is driven by collaboration to explore different sonic and cultural avenues in and around London’s alternative hip-hop scene. Each artist brings their own unique perspective, which is then unified under one kaleidoscopic beat. Moshpit’s hyperactive energy is driven by its exciting features from Kirby Forest and Don Pacino.

Kirby Forest, an already recognized artist within the underground UK rap scene, delivers a verse full of punchy lyrics and a spacious delivery over a beat full of glossy textures that holds a surprisingly infectious energy. Kirby Forest’s dreamy and lavish ambition for success is juxtaposed skillfully with Don Pacino’s raw upfront bouncy delivery. His blunt and crude lyricism paints an honest yet tongue in cheek picture of the realities of growing up in North West London.

Check out the visual for “MOSHPIT” below

To find out more about Mellow North & Ashtray Records, visit the links below:

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