CLBRKS x Conrad Mundy join us for a GAO TALK

After waiting three years CL and Mundy decided it was now or never with their debut joint project Out for Lunch. There two are far from strangers, they’ve collaborated on tracks before and have named each other as their favourite rappers.

The EP is insightful and chaotic, allowing the listener to see life through their eyes, witnessing their thoughts and actions. They both have similar styles in a sense but differ when it comes to lyrical content and delivery. The differences keep the entire project exciting and they complement each other well.

The EP was entirely produced by Drae Da Skimask and the instrumentals they’ve used are a little different from what we’re used to hearing them spit over.We spoke to both CLBRKS and Conrad Mundy after their release.

We discussed an array of topics including Out for Lunch, BLAH Records, their style, upcoming merch and much more.

Watch below:

Sam Venables

Contributing Editor