“The Sommer Pack” – the latest project by south London rapper, Namani

Hailing from Lewisham, South-East London rapper Namani reveals his debut EP ‘The Sommer Pack’, consisting of catchy lyrics and contagiously vibey tracks. The newcomer is now 7 singles deep and has picked up quite some momentum and notoriety leading up to his EP release on the 24th of July . At just 18 years old, Namani combines effortlessly intricate flows and nonchalant lyricism over ear-splitting beats. 

Namani, real name, Ugonna Amadi, never planned to be a rapper. It all started when he dropped some frosty bars in a freestyle with his friends on a cheeky one. It was at this point he realised he wanted to make music after the colossal gas-up that he received from his peers. Since then he’s been slowly refining his craft and now, finally releasing it for the world to hear.

The concept behind ‘The Sommer Pack’ is fairly self explanatory, essentially Namani wanted to get a summer-esque vibe out of 2020 and he absolutely nailed it.. “No doubt this year has been crazy to the point where the best season of the year, summer (in my opinion that is) doesn’t feel like it. So with this debut project from track 1-7 all I’m trying to do is create a summery vibe for everyone listening. 

After releasing a mind blowingly creative and enticing music video for track ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Namani has teamed up with the talented videographer ‘Lauzza’ to create another masterpiece, this video will be for the track ‘Sommer Rays’ which is the last track on the EP.

With that being said there is also an important message displayed on this EP. 2020 has been a year of uncertainty for obvious reasons and Namani has used this project to influence positivity and knowledge.

Spotlighting the track ‘Go Prosper (Jig Speaks)’

Namani states “So although the project is meant to be good vibes, I think I would be a fool if I didn’t acknowledge what has been going on in the world, especially recently. Ayo Anibaba a.k.a Jig has always been an inspiration to me. He’s sort of like my mentor and he’s got a clothing brand called ‘prosper’ on which every tee has the phrase “your revelations will inspire revolutions” is printed. That phrase speaks volumes of what has been going on lately, with the black lives matter protest and the fact that people are finally waking up to just how messed up the world is. I’m no activist but I feel like we all have a duty to right all the wrongs of the past. I thought it was a good way of voicing the thoughts that we have all been thinking. I imagine in a few years from now the topic will still be relevant and so i think it’s important for everyone to take a stand. The way I see it, if jig inspired me, he can inspire anyone.”

Crediting musical influences from Skepta, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky and Octavian, it’s Namani’s new-found hunger and effortless skill that will set him apart from the noise. He undoubtedly has big things on the horizon both as an artist and an influencer. 

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Kofi Danso