Renelle893 presents his debut EP, “Everything Is Temporary”

Hailing from Croydon, South London rapper, Renelle 893 brings to light his latest project and debut EP entitled ‘Everything Is Temporary’. Renelle has had a huge presence in the live events scene, packing out venues and lyrically shelling down some of Brighton’s most well known venues with his contagious energy. He has also been very active on Youtube releasing several music videos and appearing regularly on live sessions with platforms such as; Mango Juice Music, Loudhouse, CultDeep Records, Fubar Radio and many more.

As he continues to grow as an artist and pull in a cult following of fans he leaves behind an impressive back catalogue of tracks on his soundcloud profile of which are well worth a listen.

Renelle, real name, Jarrod Nelson, has been influenced by music from an early age, his mother who was a radio DJ  naturally had a wide range of music that was made available to him, Renelle began to gravitate towards artists such as Dr Dre, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot. He was also influenced by the grime artists that he would see on the TV station ‘Channel U’ who were pioneers in promoting the urban music scene in the early 2000’s, on top of this from a young age he jumped on to Youtube where he would spend most of his time discovering new music and found some of his favourite artists to date such as; MF Doom, Rocks Foe, Griselda, Roc Marciano, Wu Tang and many more.

Having only two single releases on major streaming platforms being; ‘Sun & Sea’ and ‘Goodnight Kiss’ Renelle is still relatively fresh in the digital streaming scene which is why this EP is a major benchmark in his career as he gathers a 7 track project together showcasing just how versatile he is as an artist with his range of flows and highly intelligent use of wordplay and vocabulary he is by far one of the most exciting prospects coming out of the underground hip-hop scene in the UK.

The long awaited and patiently built ‘Everything Is Temporary’ is an ode to Renelle’s mental health and the journey of his depression. “I just want to put across the message that: even when you feel like all the good in life is temporary and it makes you feel shitty, you also have to remember all the bad shit is also temporary and you have to keep moving positives through negatives, while also realising the positive parts of life wont be permanent so you have to find happiness in yourself”

Everything is Temporary features three producers, the main producer on the album being ‘Beau Peep’ who collaborated with Renelle in creating the EP. The other two producers are Erameld and the hugely popular and skillful ‘Changing Currents’ who is making waves in the UK music scene right now and is for sure a producer you will be hearing more from in the future. This project is vocally focused on Renelle 893, however it does feature one of the ‘893’ collectives most elusive rapper ‘Ramzey’ who is highly respected in the rap game and has been around for years building his profile in the most nonchalant of manners. The two have worked together regularly over the years, both started spitting bars with their friends in secondary school thus forming a group called ‘Koza Nostra’ which consisted of Renelle, Ramzey, Crafty and Badi, as the years went on the group members changed slightly and the name changed a little birthing the collective name of  ‘893’ and since then they have all continued to successfully make music both together and individually.

Renelle893 – “Swim Out” video

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